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Decontamination tips for stainless steel kitchen utensils


Stainless steel kitchen kitchen utensils cleaning, there are some small skills, then what are the specific?
Decontamination of stainless steel kitchen utensils: Immediately decontaminate kitchen utensils with magic rags
To make the kitchen clean and clean, the important principle is to keep it clean at all times. If you find oil stains, you should remove them immediately. Never let "dirt" become a problem. The newly transformed oil stain can be eradicated by wiping with a clean and highly absorbent rag. At present, there are magic rags made of non-woven fabrics to remove grease stains on the market. They not only have good effect on removing grease stains, but also do not need to use detergents. They are concerned about health and environmental protection.
Decontamination of stainless steel kitchen utensils
Once the grease scale has become unfortunate, it must depend on the cleaner to deal with it. It can be used to oxidize the oil when it is heated. First spray the special cleaner on the hard-to-remove dirt, then lay a fresh-keeping film on it, heat it for about 2 minutes with a blower at a distance of 10CM, and then wipe it with a cloth. However, this method is not applicable to objects that will deform or discolor when exposed to heat. Special attention should be paid to it.