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What Are Scar Healing Process Stages

Everybody has scar in their body. It can be found everywhere, whether in body part which is covered by clothes or not. Scar is not only outside the skin, but also inside, in the internal organs, specially that is cut in the surgery. The surgery activity, along with intentional harm, and also burns or scalds, can cause scar.

Can Scar Fade?

Scar is basically permanent. But, it will fade away in certain time. Surely it will time. And the time taken is different for every person. Some will fade soon, while some need more time. Some factors affect the difference such as genetics, the wound condition, and nutrients consumed.

What Causes Scar?

Basically, scar is normally found in a healing process. When the body gets hurt, there is a crack in body tissue. The body will produce collagen in the tissue which has been cracked. It functions to heal and support the wound area. During in certain period, about three months or longer, the body keep producing the new collagen while in the same time, the blood supply grow higher. It makes the the scar be heaved and change its color into red. Then, at some points, collagen breaks down at the wound area. It effects the blood supply reduction. Finally, the scar turns softer and lighter.

Scar Healing Process Stages

As mentioned above, the scar will fade away in a certain time. Why it takes so much time to fade away? Basically, there are three stages for the scar fades away. They are inflammatory stage, proliferative stage, and remodeling stage.

Inflammatory stage is the early stage and lasts in a very short time, only in a few days. The wound will turn into red and swollen. In this stage, the bleeding stops while in the same time, antibodies run to wound area to anticipate infection. When the body is ready to heal, the new cells grow and so do the healing tissue. You will see the scabbing. It is developed in the inflammatory stage too. The scab will function to protect the wound when the healing process takes place.

The next stage, proliferative, takes place about 3 or 4 weeks. In this stage, fibroblast, a cell functioning to form skin, proliferates at the wound area. These cells task is producing collagen. They keep producing collagen for up to two weeks. In the process, they will pull the wound edges altogether. Beside collagen, the body will form a very tiny blood vessel and capillary. Both play a significant role in healing the wound. In this stage, the wound turn thicker and become redder due to the collagen increasing.

In the last stage, remodeling, we will see the scars are fading away. But some research shows that it can lasts in a few weeks, but in many cases, it can take a few years. After years, some scars will be gradually reduced into a thin white line. It is sometimes hard to notice by others.

In the scar healing process, genetics has a very significant role. In the other hand scar removal cream also will help to boost the healing time.The scars produce differently for different people. Some will produce thinner and flatter scar, whereas others produce the other way. To quicken the healing process, consuming vitamins and certain mineral, like zinc, delivers a good result. And remember, you need to watch your life style like stop smoking to have the healing process works well.

Does Choleslo cause some dangerous side effects?

Knowing about dangerous side effects on CholesLo can be tricky. If you search for its ingredients, you will find that almost 100 percent articles say that it has natural ingredients. It means that this product has lower side effects comparing to chemical medicines. However, you should notice that there is no explicit explanation that CholesLo has been approved by FDA as supreme institution, dealing with drugs licensing. The manufacturer of CholesLo says that the facilities and the production making process have followed FDA guidelines to guarantee the best quality of this product. Unfortunately, this statement is inconsistent with FDA virtual database. For your information, you can enter drugs product name that you desired to get detail information. However, you will find no results about this product information. It can be said that this product is not registered under FDA supervision.

Overview about CholesLo product

This product is quite a brand new medicine. As we might know, cholesterol is an epidemic disease that often happening to elder people. Nonetheless. there are countless manufacturers, claiming that their products are the best one. In terms of dangerous side effects of CholesLo, the focus point in this product is its organic ingredients. Health practitioner founded the manufacturer itself. Hence, there are two types of Cholesterol, which are LDL and HDL. This medicine purports to lower your LDL in your body since this type of cholesterol may lead to certain serious health problems in human body. Hence, your HDL will get higher since this cholesterol is needed for human body system. The manufacturer claims that there are approximately 150,000 consumers to this product. What interesting is that the manufacturer offers money back guarantee for the consumer. If your cholesterol is not descending after 30 days of usage, you will get your money back. In addition, the manufacturer will give additional USD 100 cash. If we look to this drug label, there are indeed certain ingredients that effective to improve HDL and lower LDL. Artichoke extract has been tested through human studies and significantly reduce the LDL. Hence, Coenzyme Q10 functions like a doping to boost the performance of your cell. Other ingredients, such as red yeast rice and Sytrinol have been proven scientifically to lower LDL.

Tips and trick in consuming CholesLo

The label shows that this product contains indeed much organic ingredients that can cure your LDL significantly. Nevertheless, you should consider about the absence of this product in FDA’s virtual database. FDA itself claims the consumer to be careful about counterfeit medicine which is basically a fake medicine. It contains wrong ingredients and dosage as put in its label. Consulting with your doctor is important. Although it comes with natural ingredients, you should know about possible risk that can be happened. For instance, red yeast rice may produce toxic substance if it is fermented. Hence, you should know about potential allergies from such natural ingredients. In addition, one ChelesLo contains 80 capsules which sufficient for one month consumption. This is quite high consumption that may lead to dangerous side effects on CholesLo.

Is Choleslo Doctor Recommended Supplement?

About Choleslo

Choleslo? What is it? Is it a kind of diet? No. Choleslo is a natural health supplement to not only lower cholesterol, but also complement your heart health. This product consists of amino acids, organic herbs, and vitamins. Moreover, those ingredients have tested scientifically before. Dr. Sam Robbins and Dr. Spring Chen created Choleslo together. Dr. Robbins argues that our high cholesterol is the result of change in hormones because of the aging. In other words, the cause is in our genetics rather than our fault. We often find few members of a family deal with high cholesterol issues. Therefore, we may need to see doctor and have some test to know whether or not our cholesterol levels are high if one or both of our parents suffer from high cholesterol.

The Dangerous of Having High Cholesterol

What will happen if we experience high cholesterol? Of course, it may lead to other risky diseases. Our blood cholesterol cannot mingle with water; so that the cholesterol is moved in particles named lipoproteins. The bloodstream moves them into our body systems in order to use, keep, or just excess. If the amount of cholesterol which circulates inside is too much, it may injure the arteries, especially coronaries that supply our heart. The cholesterol that accumulates in the vessel layers will lead to atherosclerosis. What we hear about chest pain or the worst is heart attack, are the result from the blood flow that is obstructed.

Choleslo Does Work

People praise Choleslo to be a very complete solution for our heart health. This supplement has few groups of ingredients which will overcome each problem we have. In sum, Choleslo natural supplement has certain nutrients that generate healthy levels of our cholesterol, clean our liver and improve its function, lower the levels of our homocysteine, decrease triglycerides, then correct the ratios of HDL and LDL. Choleslo do help our body.

The Assurance from Doctor Robbins Himself

Dr. Sam Robbins ensures that we can see the result of consuming Choleslo in just thirty days. We can take one or two capsules with water everyday. This consumption can go along with food or without it. The good side of Choleslo consumption is that its main purpose does not only focus to decrease cholesterol, but it help repairing and improving our lipid issues by using some reliable methods. First of all, Choleslo correct our cholesterol into the healthy levels. This of course will repair our lipid problems. Then, Choleslo lowers triglycerides inside our blood. The next step is it decreases the LDL and simultaneously increases the good HDL in order to maximize the ratios of LDL and HDL. Next, Choleslo definitely reduces the levels of homocysteine. After that, Choleslo does clean and improve the liver. Mostly the cholesterol issues begin in our liver. Furthermore, we have not heard about the negative side effects of Choleslo consumption. Over twelve years Choleslo has proved its daily and long term use that is safe and effective. That makes the doctors endorse it without any doubt. Therefore, we may take Choleslo as the solution for our cholesterol issue.

How Does Genf20 Plus Hgh Pills And Spray Really Works?

Everyone who wants to improve overall health by increasing HGH levels should not believe to all products features HGH level improvement but GenF20 plus. Why is that? Considering the decrease of body ability in all aspects of health, it is actually related to the drop of the HGH levels. The decrease will begin when someone at the 25 years, in the level of 600ug. By the 60 years, the HGH level will be only about 15% from the young age in merely about 90ug. Imagine how the body condition with that level of HGH! To regain the youthful HGH levels, GenF20 plus is the best solution.

The Effect of the HGH Levels Drop

The drop of the HGH levels will affect all body condition from the strength, appearance to the memory, energy level, and sex drive and so on. GenF20 plus will help to regain the youthful happiness by encouraging the body to release more HGH and surely return the young age. It does work, moreover safe, because the formula is derived from 16 important ingredients needed by the body taken from what nature has provided for human. The formula contains the combination of amino acids, peptides and nutrients. Therefore, GenF20 plus HGH pills and spray is a natural way to help body producing more HGH in order to return overall health as young people.

How Genf20 Plus Work

hgh-pills-genf20-plusHow does GenF20 plus work? Because it is formed in pills and oral spray, it is different from what commonly people known as real HGH. Real HGH, usually synthetic HGH, is used by injecting to the body and it must be done by doctor. It costs high in price and sometimes high in risk for side effect. The GenF20 plus does not contain real or synthetic HGH but contain the formula which help body releasing more HGH naturally because as grow old, human body will lose the ability to produce the HGH. You should understand the difference idea between real HGH and this supplement.

What to Know about GenF20 plus

In a nutshell, GenF20 plus is a dietary supplement in the form of daily consumption enteric coated tablets and oral spray. The combination between these two kinds of product will deliver maximum result to return the youth of human. Different from synthetic HGH, in which it is HGH injected to the body, GenF20 plus

is a supplement which can be considered as food but has benefit to help the body naturally releasing the HGH to increase its level and the impact can be gained by the body positively.

Will Penomet Work for Old Guys?

Penomet as the Enlargement Brand

Among the men, of course the products of penis enlargement become completely popular. That is including the type of pump, such like Penomet. Many of them have known about this brand and the question now is about the use of this product for the old men. Would it be safe and still effective? We need to make sure about that by knowing about this product well.

Penomet for Old People

Penomet for old guys is something common and we have seen such the users with the age of about fifty and even more. It becomes the fact that we can deal with. Then, we will also need the information related to the result of this product which is used by the old men. That is actually not that much because many men who use such the product is the young ones in the productive age,


Is It Safe for Old Guys?

As we have said before, there are actually a lot of old men in the age around forty or fifty who want to enlarge their penile size. Using Penomet Best Penis Pump is Safe as long as they use it in a right and proper method and way. Thus, the old users can still get the safety and effectiveness using Penomet enlargement pump.

How to Use Penomet for Old Men in Safe Way?

As we have said in the previous section that Penomet will be safe to be used by all men with all ranges of age as long as they can use the product in a right and proper way. The key for the safe usage of the product is by using it not too much and not too long. It is better for reading and getting the information as much as possible first before they are using this product. Then, do not forget to read the instructions first before using so that the users would not make a serious mistake even though this product is low of risk.

Tips to Get Effective Results

Besides using the product of Penomet in the safe way in order to decrease the risk, the old age users also need to deal with the effective way to get the effective result on using this enlargement pump. The simple way is by using it based on the instruction. Do not use it too long and too much since you are in the old age which makes it a bit sensitive. Then, the key for getting the effective result is using the product of Penomet regularly.